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Spanish Walking and Climbing | Caving | UK Walking

Camping Tents Outdoors online shop supplying camping and hiking equipment for all outdoor holiday excursions, family tents available from Tentastic

Camping tents online

Ramsay Round - a report on this classic Scottish Mountain Challenge
Five great European Destinations - Our recommendations for the best kept holiday secrets in Europe!
Could a Second Language Be Your Key to Adventure? There are many ways in which you can add a little bit of excitement into your life, and learning a second language is definitely one you should consider. If you have never thought about doing this before here are a few reasons to do so.
Bowland Fell Running and Walking The wild areas of moorland the the East of Lancaster provide a superb area for running and walking. Here we provide some suggestions with maps and GPS tracks to download and follow.

Camping and the rule of three... One of the great joys of camping is the cleansing effect of leaving everything unnecessary at home, to be able to carry everything you need with you, giving a real snail-in-it's-shell independence. But to do this you need to throw away all your conditioning, the airing cupboard full of clothes is a long way away, so how do you plan?


Vietnam Tours and Holidays Vietnam is a scenically stunning land - from the Mekong Delta’s rich lowlands in the South to the mountains in the North with a coast line of sweeping deserted beaches. The country is slightly larger than Italy but has immense geographic and cultural diversity.  Its varied climate and landscape range from four seasons in the mountains to year round tropical temperatures in the south.

Wild Swim The UK is blessed with some of the best outdoor swimming opportunities in Europe. This new book shows the best of what is available. It's 'the definitive guide to over 300 beautiful outdoor swims in rivers, lakes, tidal pools, the sea and lidos across Britain.

The 130th Anniversary of the Robert Louis Stevenson trail - The Stevenson Way (GR 70) was walked by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878, and inspired him to write Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes (1879). That ground-breaking book is considered a classic of outdoor literature and set the standard for travelogues. Moreover, Stevenson was, in many ways, the pioneer of the whole modern hiking movement, as the book presents hiking and camping outdoors as a recreational activity.


Thailand Tours and Holidays - Sun-bleached shores, virgin jungle, ancient kingdoms, adventure travel, trekking, elephants, motor bike tours - the Thai experience is yours for the asking. Mile upon mile of sun-bleached shores and islands where you can snorkel, dive or simply swim.  Cruise around the islands on a Chinese Junk or take a day trip on a local boat to explore the coral reefs of the Koh Chang Marine National Park.


Indonesia Tours and Holidays Everyone has heard of the island of Bali it has long been known as a south sea paradise for sun, sand and sea holidays.  But Indonesia has a lot more to offer than Bali.  From the beaches and hills of Bali to the volcanos of Java, the giant dragon on Komodo Island to the native life in Sulawesi.  An experience not to be missed !!


SLOVENIA WALKING AND ACTIVITIES - It has taken me some time to decide what to write about Slovenia.  I could have written about the beautiful lakes (Bled and Bohinj), the crystal clear rivers (Soča and Sava), the abundance of superb and varied walks in The Julian Alps and The Karavanke Alps, the charm and appeal of the mountain huts and their tasty offerings.

Riding and walking the Cévennes Railway - The Cévenol The Cévennes railway or ‘Le Cévenol’ links the cities of Nîmes (Gard) and Clermont Ferrand (Puy de Dôme) and has been in existence since 1870. It took six years to build and cost a staggering 520 million francs. Whether you are an avid train buff or simply a hiker in search of interesting and authentic experiences, this train journey is guaranteed to set your mind racing and heart pumping.

India Tours Holiday, Incredible India !! - This is a country like no other !!  You will not find another country in the world that is so diverse and with so contrasting ways of life, from slums to millionaires !!  The country is many countries and cultures in one, from North to South India.

White water kayaking is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do.  When the rains come hundreds of canoeists take to the rivers. Whilst most members of the general public take shelter, the paddling fraternity head for the rivers with a zeal that would get them certified by onlookers.

Philippines Tours and Holidays An archipelago located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, the Philippines has 7,107 islands and just as many attractions, if not more. This vibrant country with a mélange of cultures, natural wonders, colourful history, and warm engaging people, meets all preferences and exceeds expectations.


China tours holidays - With a history stretching back 5,000 China was, in ancient times, East Asia’s dominant civilisation.  This ancient civilisation was responsible for many great world changing inventions/ discoveries the main ones being: paper, gunpowder, porcelain, silk and the compass.

5 hours cycling non stop through the Yorkshire Dales That is no stops what so ever, no feet on the ground, leaning against walls, etc. The predicted onset of autumnal weather was also a spur as the glorious weather was obviously not going to last much longer

Choosing a GPS suitable for hiking Before you to choosing a suitable GPS for your hiking needs, it is important to have a reasonable understanding of what is on offer along with how they work.

What kind of camper are you? Planning a trip to the backcountry? Before you head out to that campsite, consider making a camping checklist that you can use every time you're getting ready for your next adventure.

Cordillera Blanca Peru - In July of 2001, Jim Donnelly, Dale Cottam and Nathan Cottam departed for the Cordillera Blanca to climb three or four high peaks.

Hike and Canoe in Hawaii  -  What an awesome way to start the day, I thought. It was truly one of the most beautiful moments in my life. The whole experience can be concisely summed up in the words of my neighbor, "lucky you live Hawaii!"

Cycle camping with kids - Geoff Husband describes the highs and lows of this challenging holiday option

The World Outdoor Web Navigation Guide - How to navigate by the sun and stars!

A visit to the Moreno Glacier - Argentina "The Moreno Glacier in the far south of Argentina must be in the running for one of the natural wonders of the world."

Cycle Camping in France
"Everyone knows that France is the Mecca for cyclists, the home of The Tour, but it also has the finest range of cheap campsites in the World."

Dolphin encounter in Hawaii.
"It almost seemed the dolphins, and other marine life we encountered, wanted to capture this chance to raise peoples awareness of them."

  Mani Rimdu Festival - Nepal It isn't music and it has no Rhythm. Amplified by the clear mountain air, the cacophony of sound is deafening. Conversation becomes impossible and all attention turns to the temple entrance, whence a procession of solemn faced monks is emerging. Dressed in orange silk robes, and with yellow crescent-shaped hats perched precariously on their heads, they carry an assortment of instruments including bugles made from human bones, giant conch shells and long, brass horns. 

South African Travel Advice

Biking in Alaska - Following in the wheel-tracks of the old Klondike gold miners

Mountain Biking the Lakeland Mountain Passes, UK

Walking in Patagonian Chile The Torres Circuit

Trekking to Everest Multi page article with photos

Torridononian Traverses Article and pictures of this amazing area in the Northwest of Scotland

Orienteering in the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon

Visit the El Chorro Gorge in Southern Spain, see the "walk on the wildside"

Adventure and Travel in South America, an illustrated article on cycling in Bolivia and Chile, including the ascent of a 20,000 foot volcano.

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