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India Tours Holiday

Incredible India !!

This is a country like no other !!  You will not find another country in the world that is so diverse and with so contrasting ways of life, from slums to millionaires !!  The country is many countries and cultures in one, from North to South India.

Delhi stands as the capital of Modern India. Here you can see the mingling of the Old and New India, the ancient and the modern.  Delhi is made up of seven ancient cities, spanning the period from the 11th to 20th centuries. Delhi has seen the rise and fall of many emperors which have left behind a plethora of monuments that commemorate the grandeur and glory of bygone ages. Very few cities in the world can express such a profusion of architectural styles.

You cannot visit India without seeing the Taj Mahal at Agra.  The epitome of beauty and romance, it offers fabulous forts and palaces that illustrate the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by Maharajas of a bygone age.  You can enjoy the same opulence, to some extent, by taking advantage of our Deluxe Golden Triangle Tour – in the steps of the Great Mughuls.  You will stay in the most luxurious hotels and travel by luxury car. Expedia offers many luxury hotels for a great deal.

   India Tours Holiday        

The Rajputs, in the past, were a fierce warrior race. They were the last Indian tribe to submit to British rule.  They were so busy fighting among themselves that they did not notice the infiltration of the British until it was too late.  As a result of all their in-fighting, Rajasthan is liberally sprinkled with magnificent forts and palaces.  Many of them are now tourist attractions or have been converted into hotels.

The sub-continent has an abundance of wildlife with many species, including the awesome tiger, on the endangered list. Our main itineraries, Kipling country and Elephant kingdom, will, we hope, give you the opportunity of seeing some of these species in their native habitat.  We visit some of the best National Parks and make the most economical use of the time available.  You have a better chance of seeing the animals that interest you if you spend at least 3 days in the same park.


The southern states and particularly the Backwaters, have a “softer” feel and are much greener than the north.  They have a wealth of cultural heritage in the form of architecture, arts and crafts and folklore.  There are miles of golden beaches, rivers, waterfalls and forests teeming with wildlife including the mountains/hills of the Western Ghats.  The state that runs down the west coast from Karnataka is known as “Gods Own Country”.


These treatments, as old as India itself, are based on massage, using oils and herbs, yoga and meditation.   Ayurveda cures the body, mind and spirit. These treatments give great relief to those suffering from arthritis, skin complaints and other debilitating diseases as well as helping the overweight.   Treatments, of varying qualities, are widely available.  We recommend some resorts that offer excellent facilities, where a doctor is always on hand to make sure that patients receive the correct treatment.


See - http://www.complete-india-asia.com/india-tours-holidays/index.html

We make arrangements for:        India, Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China and Philippines.

Ask us for details and a quotation at info@complete-india-asia.com


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