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Indonesia Tours and Holidays

Everyone has heard of the island of Bali it has long been known as a south sea paradise for sun, sand and sea holidays.  But Indonesia has a lot more to offer than Bali.  From the beaches and hills of Bali to the volcanos of Java, the giant dragon on Komodo Island to the native life in Sulawesi.  An experience not to be missed !!

Bali has long been known as a south sea paradise for sun, sand and sea holidays.  Leave the beach for four or five days to make a tour of the island including Ubud in the hills..  You will discover its rich culture, traditions and history and will not be able to resist taking home some of the crafts on offer.  You can compare hotel rates on the Expedia website.

You can extend your trip by travelling to the next island of Java to look down into the crater of a volcano!

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Sumatra Located on the India-China trade route several trading towns flourished and were influenced by Indian Religions.  The most notable was a Buddhist monarchy which dominated the region during the 7th-9th centuries.  The kingdom helped to the Malay culture throughout Sumatra, Malay Peninsula and western Borneo.  The island was then subject to conquests from Javanese kingdoms and, at the same time, Islam made its way to Sumatra, spreading through contacts with Arabs and Indian traders.

Volcanic activity endowed this region with fertile land with beautiful scenery.  It also contains large deposits of gold and coal.  The lowland is interspersed with swamps and although it is unsuitable for farming it is very important as it produced oil “from above and underneath” – palm oil and petroleum.



Java - the most lush, richest and most densely populated of Indonesia’s islands.  Java has a diverse landscape from towering volcanoes to dense forest, manicured rice paddies and teeming cities.  It was the focus of Indonesian wealth and power long before the Dutch settled there.  Java claims to produce the world’s best batik.  It is used for every day as well as for formal clothing and for decorative purposes.  Other art forms, dance, music and painting have a long history.

The largest temple complex in the world can be found at Borobudur, near to Yogyakarta, where the Sultan’s Palace illustrates the Javenese life of yester year !

There is a lot of volcanic activity in Indonesia.  Both of these islands offer you an opportunity to see a volcano.  To visit a volcano in Indonesia is a unique experience.   Each one is different and the memory of each one will live with you for a very long time, whether it be Mount Ijen crater in East Java or Mount Bromo in Central Java.  An experience not to be missed.

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