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South Africa set to be a sensation in 2010

It’s that time of year again. There is an excitement building in the air, and it’s not just because the days are getting warmer and the nights lighter. June the 11th will see the start of the World Cup, and the countdown has long since started in anticipation of the first whistle. Throughout its history, the World Cup has personified the romantic rollercoaster of passion and emotion that sports can bring. In no other competition is there perhaps such a sense of possibility, such opportunity for the Davids and Goliaths of the world to go head to head, and such prospects for the underdog to make their country proud.

Yet this year, perhaps more than ever before, is invested with a sense of anticipation and exhilaration. Never before has an African nation hosted the World Cup, and, after witnessing a history of colonisation, apartheid, and civil rights activism, South Africa is bristling with electrifying enthusiasm at the promise of holding the tournament that traditionally unifies. As the world waits with baited breath for the country to welcome the world’s most skilful footballers and zealous fans, there is a growing excitement on the streets of Johannesburg at the prospect of showcasing their diverse and fascinating land.

Indeed, those planning to travel to South Africa for that first momentous game will find that beyond the shiny new stadiums there is a wealth of intriguing culture and majestic natural attractions that are simply unmissable. A varied and awe-inspiring terrain stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans, South Africa encompasses every possible landscape from lush forests and breathtaking mountain ranges, to rugged deserts and iconic Savannahs. It is also home to an immense concentration and diversity of wildlife that make for multiple Kodak moments.

South Africa has a vast array of national parks that flaunt its flora and fauna, the most famous being the Kruger National park. Beyond this renowned safari destination, other highlights include treading through historic Zululand, experiencing unrivalled nightlife in the fascinating and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, wine-tasting in the valleys around Franschhoek, and the relaxing along the transcendent and serene stretches of the Maputaland coastline.

It’s impossible to travel this far to the continent and not take advantage of the many spectacular sights that South Africa has to offer. However, if you plan to be there for that historic moment when the host nation kicks off against Mexico, it is important to consider factors such as accommodation and transport well in advance. While flights and accommodation rapidly being snatched up in eager anticipation, many travel companies are offering special World Cup package holidays that save you from having to organise each component of your stay. Have a look at Thomas Cook’s website, for their package holidays, as one example, who are currently offering some great deals on combined deals.


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