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Cookery Holidays tours in Thailand

Enjoy learning to cook Thai food and after visit the sun-bleached shores, virgin jungle, ancient kingdoms, adventure travel, trekking, elephants, motor bike tours - the Thai experience is yours for the asking!

Thailand has many wonderful places to visit and you can combine a beach holiday in Phuket or Hua Hin or a holiday in Northern Thailand with a few days at a Cookery Course in Chiang Mai to learn the basics of Thai cuisine and how to cook Thai food at home.

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School: learn by doing with instruction from experts.





At the start of the cookery course, the teacher will display a tray of ingredients and will go through each one and explain how to prepare it, how to store it and what can be used as a substitute.  You will make your own curry pastes by using a pestle and mortar. The ingredients will need to be prepared first and then ground to a paste and the teacher will be on hand to help everybody.

You will be taken to visit the local market and learn all about the different vegetables, herbs, roots and spices being sold, so you can actually see what these raw products look like before they are cooked.  You will learn how to choose ingredients that are fresh.  Each student will have their own shopping list and pick up the ingredients for cooking on the day.  The payment will be taken care of by the teacher.

You will be taught the basics of vegetable carving including how to use the knives. You will learn how to make a flower and leaves from difference vegetables.

All the dishes prepared and cooked in the morning will be eaten for lunch.  The last 2 dishes cooked in the afternoon will be served as a snack and dessert.

Visit Thailand for Amazing value!!  

See – http://www.complete-india-asia.com/cookery-courses_holidays/index.html

We make arrangements for: India, Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Laos, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Philippines.

Ask us for details and a quotation at info@complete-india-asia.com

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