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Classic Easgill Caving Trips

What defines a classic trip?

A trip should have a variety of ingredients that all add up to make the experience memorable.

  • A good variety of cave architecture
  • Interesting formations
  • Challenging route finding
  • A physical challenge

The Easegill system provides all of these in abundance. Although many of the formations have been spoilt by carelessness and ignorance there are still many amazing sights to be seen. Including those beautiful and fragile arrays of straw stalactites. Some in densities of staggering proportions.

The system has everything you could wish; huge silent caverns; large active stream ways; ancient formations, and most of all a hugely complex system of interconnecting passages giving the caver many permutations in route choice, and the challenge of finding the way out! Many of the more remote parts of the system are rarely visited and the opportunity is there to visit places that have seen less traffic than the top of Everest !?

Peak Cavern

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