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"A few lines to thank you for your good work in setting up our web site. General enquiries have certainly increased significantly over the past 6 weeks. In fact 8 bookings directly through our site. A number of the people contacting us have said that in their opinion it is the best adventure biking site on the internet"

"I am very impressed and satisfied with the work of PCS in designing and installing my site on the 'World Outdoor Web'. The work was done with real speed and enthusiasm, coupled with an understanding of what the specialist customer wants. Even after just a month in service, my web-site is generating new business for me."

"Thanks to PCS our business is now alive and kicking on the World Wide Web and is already bringing in new clients to us. Very co-operative and quick in setting up our web-site and mailing lists to our requirements. The design and layout have provided an easy to follow route through the pages to find relevant information and has included full details from our brochures both summer and winter. Visitors to the site are now increasing daily as we have been linked in to the relevant search engines. The cost of this service has been very reasonable and has fallen well within our advertising budget. We can certainly recommend PCS to anyone requiring web-site design and setup."

"We have been extremely pleased with the design of our website by PCS, who have a distinct advantage in having a knowledge of the outdoor market which sites such as ours are aimed at. It is most important that a design service provides an efficient means of updating sites and adding new material. PCS provide this service in a friendly and helpful manner."


"At a loose end at the moment? Need a few ideas for the weekend - or maybe something longer? Then check out this excellent outdoor site that'll have you reaching for your rucksacks. The World Outdoor Web is a pleasant surprise - it's British! It's nice to find a decent non-American site catering for lovers of the outdoors. The site has a good mix.........All in all this site will keep you nice and busy; there's a photogalleries, quizzes, holiday info and links to other handy web sites. But beware! After looking at this site, you'll be wanting to book a holiday. You have been warned!"


BBC WEB GUIDE (review of www.w-o-w.com)
"Trekking up Everest or bungee jumping, this enjoyable chatty site lets you sample outdoor activities from the comfort of your own chair. After watching some of the video clips, you may decide to stay put. You'll find articles on caving, climbing and cycling. The enthusiasm just shines through!"

Review in Daily Telegraph 27th June '98

The World Outdoor Web is rambling, impassioned and casually informative Web site 'dedicated to any kind of outdoor adventure or activity'. Created by Tom Phillips an outdoor enthusiast from Lancaster, it jams together a crazy mass of material devoted to adventures in the world's fresh air.

This site will be of particular appeal to anyone with an interest in cycling, climbing or caving, as it includes specialist sections with features sporting titles such as "Crashes, capturing that moment" and "Digging a new cave entrance - a debate". Although the design is rather chaotic, there are same amusing graphics cylists furiously pedalling nowhere - and a good crop of homemade video clips and movies

I enjoyed watching a short film of Dick Gerrish climbing an icefall in Cumbria - Only an outdoor enthusiast would complain that the Lake District isn't cold enough - and seeing a bungee jumper take the plunge in New Zealand.

After all, if you do something adventurous such as cycling to 20,000 ft in the Andes or trekking to Everest, you naturally want to tell the world about it - and the internet provides the perfect place for you to do so.

I loved an account by Andy Binns of a 10 day bike ride following the the Klondike gold miners through the Yukon and Alaska,in which he visited the frontier town of Chicken (population l9). It has-three stores all run by the same man, who nips through connecting doors as customers walk by outside. While other adventure related sites aspire to be slick and gung-ho the World Outdoor Web is chummy and idiosyncratic, like a good local pub. Almost as an afterthought it includes a links section to other sites that might be useful to fans of the outdoors. These cover anything from gorilla-tracking in Uganda to adventure clothing shops in Manchester

Nigel Tisdall - Daily Telegraph

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