Wild Swim - River, Lake, Lido and Sea: the Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Britain

River, Lake, Lido and Sea: the Best Places to Swim Outdoors in Britain

It's 'the definitive guide to over 300 beautiful outdoor swims in rivers, lakes, tidal pools, the sea and lidos across Britain.

The UK is blessed with some of the best outdoor swimming opportunities in Europe. This new book shows the best of what is available.

PICTURE: Stainforth Force (pronounced ‘foss’) lies just below Stainforth packhorse bridge, with some shallow sun-warmed pools suitable for small children,and then a succession of platforms and falls. We approach on an un-sunny Sunday in September, but the banks are full of families eating picnics.

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“WILD SWIM is a bit like a glossy recipe book, only with pictures of delicious lakes and rivers where you would normally find souffles and stews, and mouth-watering descriptions in lochs and oceans instead of recipes...The photographs in the book are particularly splendid: Dominick Tyler, who took them, has a brilliant eye for texture and colour, and some have all the disarming beauty of great paintings…Kate Rew is obviously something of a mermaid..."
Craig Brown, MAIL ON SUNDAY Book of the Week

"…it is a practical guide to pools and beauty spots combined with imagery that perfectly captures the freshness and freedom of elemental swimming. Rew describes what makes each experience so magical with accuracy and humour...WILD SWIM is a book born out of genuine love for its subject; serious swimmers and seaside paddlers alike should dip in." Charlotte Ross, EVENING STANDARD

"Spirited tales of dips in Fairy Pools on Skye, or snorkelling in the Isles of Scilly, are accompanied by dreamy photographs. The book certainly stirs a Girl Guide-ish enthusiasm for hardship - but don't let that stop you from enjoying it in the comfort and warmth of your own home." Harper’s BAZAAR

“…Rew, founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society, has been testing the water with all levels in mind, from half-mast-trouser paddles and leisurely lake swimming to the wild waves. Covering swims from the Hebrides to Cornwall, this is also a guide to great places to pitch up for the day – usually at an easy distance from a good, steamy-windowed café.” GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

“Brilliantly informative, poetically descriptive and beautifully photographed, this outdoor swimming guide will be loved by both intrepid adventurers and coffee-table fantasists alike. As much a travel guide as an outdoor swimming call-to-arms, it’s original, refreshing and inspirational…” EASY LIVING,